What happened to the blog?

In short, I dumped it. Sort of. *I* can still access it, but you can’t. Why? I just didn’t like where it was going. I missed having this record of my kids’ histories. I didn’t like having it password protected. I didn’t feel much like blogging because of that. So I wavered and I thought about it and decided that this is a great solution for me. A fresh start. No more password. Lots more photos. More current updates.

I’m trying and trying to figure out how to export my old posts into a PDF or EPUB or some sort of digitally readable format so I can have it for myself. If anyone out there knows a way to do this with a self-hosted WordPress blog, let me know. The few things I’ve tried have totally timed out because 5 years of blog posts are a bit much for the server to process.

Meanwhile, welcome – or welcome back! Let the blogging begin (or continue – whatever).

2 thoughts on “What happened to the blog?

  1. I’m sooo glad you’re back! I didn’t mind the password, but I did miss the photos. Can’t believe how much they’ve grown! But then my Hâuie (adopted from Nam Dinh at 7 weeks) is now 10 and up to my chin…

    We’re still stuck in the middle of a fairly horrendous adoption process in Vietnam (adopting from UK), on to Little Sister No.6 as the previous 5 fell through for various reasons. Hopefully it’ll all work out, but if it doesn’t, we’re incredibly lucky to have the one daughter we do have.

    Looking forward to lots more posts!

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