Medical Update

We had our medical this morning and it went fantastic! She got a clean bill of health although we still need to have her bloodwork done. NOT looking foreword to that. Her ears were both free of infection and structural abnormalities. Yay! She passed all her little screenings with flying colors and was a total giggly smiling charmer with our doctor :-) Also she gained 1.5lbs. That is since our SOS appointment one week ago. That is some crazy baby growing!!! She also shrank (haha) .75″ so she is now 26.25″ tall and 17.25 lbs. She is definitely filling out and looking great and also spending a great deal of time bearing weight on her previously non-weight-bearing legs so this is exciting for her.

I have a lot of blogs running through my head. The one were I talk about our flight nightmare in LAX. The one where I talk about the amazing experience of adoption and how it feels to be this child’s mother. The one that talks about our connection as a family. The one that updates you all on how we are doing now and how Addison is adjusting. The jetlag post. The adorable videos we have take in the last few days. The one that talks about Noah’s adjustment, etc. I also have some more travel advice like places that deliver in Ha Noi and our Embassy experience. But we are crazy-busy right now trying to knock out a bunch of stuff on our to-do list while Tony is off work for paternity leave and trying to adjust to the jetlag. So they will come, eventually. My goal for the day was to get up the video Tony took last night. I obviously did not meet that goal but we did manage to get all the kids to sleep in until at least 5am, attend our baby check-up, run an errand to a friend’s for some stuff I need for this weekend, run over to Babies R Us to pick up some necessities and go through all our luggage we had as of this morning (now we have our last two suitcases – totally ruined but present in our home – so I have those left to sort through), do a load of vacation laundry and pick up our dogs from the kennel. I think that isn’t too bad for our first full day back home from Vietnam, right? So if I am quiet, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is just that we are doing a lot in a short period of time. Plus the 3 hour jetlag naps in the afternoon. More soon!

6 thoughts on “Medical Update

  1. Wow, Nicki, you’ve accomplished an awful lot for your first day home! I’m so glad Addison got such a great medical report – that’s wonderful news. All the blog topics sound fantastic – can’t wait to read them when you have time!

  2. BRU??? What do you need??? What does Addy need??? You guys got home much quicker than I expected and I feel shitty that you came home without me sending presents :-) hee hee.

    So what does she need? if you dont tell me I’ll call Tony or the boys :)

    Blog when you have the time. Dont worry about all of us :) Concentrate on your family!!!

    But pictures would be good LOL. Just kidding (kind of). LOVE YOU!

  3. Thank you so much for posting all through your trip. I read all the time and though I didn’t comment all the time, I appreciated being able to follow. Glad to hear your daughter’s medical went very well.

  4. Whoa, you have done a LOT since coming home. I plan on not leaving my house for about a week! Ha ha

    I have LOVED reading all about your travels and I look forward to any other advice/info you have whenever you get a chance to blog. Thank you so much for letting me join your adventure!! :)

  5. Wow, you jumped right back into real life fast! Hope you are all doing well. The pictures of Addison are so sweet. You have a beautiful family! Welcome home. Look forward to reading more of your blog subjects!

  6. Welcome home Nicki! (And Addison!!) I’m sure you’re thrilled to be home. Now just survive the holidays and I’m sure you’ll settle into some kind of routine :)

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