We are home!

We are home! We landed just over 12 hours ago. I will update more but we
have one very needy little boy on our hands and two adults who are a totally
different sleep cycle from him. If anyone wants to know how they can help,
PLEASE come and help play with and give a little attention to Noah these
next few days while we all adjust. Dalton and Teegan are just fine, Addison
is just fine. Noah? Not so much. He is exhausted but also just wants to play
on his own home turf and he wants to play his way and he’s too tired and
irrational for normal four year old playing etiquette (in other words, he
needs understanding adults who will just indulge him for the next few days).
So if you are willing or available, please drop me an email or a call.

Lots of updates later – thanks for all the well-wishes via email and

16 thoughts on “We are home!

  1. Welcome home!!! I hope that poor Noah crashes and recharges soon, he’ll be better once he gets back in his element I am sure.
    Thank you so much for updating all through your trip, it has passed time nicely and I’ve taken many notes. Plus we all got to see cute little Addison!!!!

  2. Dang, I’d love to come play with Noah but I have an 8 year old with a mystery rash and a 4 year old with his own irrational play needs. LOL
    I’m so happy you’re home safe and sound, if you need anything, let me know. T should be out of rash quarantine by Friday.

  3. Welcome home!! I wish I could come and play with Noah. I am so happy that you are home safely. Hope you all get your time zones back on track quickly.

  4. if I knew how to get to your house from da U.P. I would love to hang with Noah. Poor buddy, he really has been such a trooper through all of this excitement and big changes. Hang in there, I am thinking of you guys!
    p.s. so glad that you guys are home!

  5. Welcome home! Glad you made it safe and sound. I hope you are all adjusted to the new time soon. Poor little Noah…I’m sure he will crash soon & feel so much better afterwards.

  6. Welcome home! May the adjustment home and jet lag ease up soon! Thanks so much for blogging your journey! I was great to read!

  7. Wanna fly Noah down to Auntie Leslie???? I’m not sure how that would help his schedule (since we are an hour off) but he is more than welcome :) Ohhhh I miss my sweet Noah. I can’t picture him being anything but sweet and adorable :-)

  8. I wish I lived closer..Annslee could use a playmate. I hope you all get back on schedule soon! It definitely takes a while.

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