Autumn on the farm

Back in Michigan we used to spend a lot of time at orchards and farms during the Autumn season. We built so many great family memories during those times. It was fun to find our way back to the farm this year after five years here in Texas. We went with our homeschool field-trip co-op and had so much fun!

The farm had these cool merry-go-round style swings that the kids LOVED. We played here forever!


Loved these climbing poles!(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)(untitled)

Can I erect one of these in our backyard? It would be so fun to camp in a real teepee.


Petting farm. Noah (and lots of other kids and a few adults) refused to enter. Who doesn’t love baby animals?!


Addy had lunch surrounded by her sweetie friends. She was in heaven.


Addy could ride the horses over and over, all day. Some day I’d love for her to take horseback riding lessons. This pony was so cute -  like a stuffed pony with all that fur!


Noah was so big for this pony! I bet he could almost touch the ground while sitting on it.


By far, the kids favorite part of their day was milking the cow. They must have taken a dozen turns, each! Things got out of hand when they started trying to spray themselves with milk and we had to get lost, quick.


We decided to go on a “cow feeding safari” at the last minute and it was fun. Who knew cows had such gross long tongues?! How do people eat those disgusting things (the tongues, not the beef because STEAK!!!).


Fun day with good friends on the farm!



4 thoughts on “Autumn on the farm

  1. I love the cow pics, especially that one where the cow and Addy are looking at each other. That looks like a really fun farm! Wish we had one nearby that didn’t cost $$$$ to go to.

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