Life Without Toys

Conversation I just overheard:

Noah: I have a great idea! For a change, let’s put the water in the bottle
first and THEN the formula!

Daddy: we can’t do it that way.

Noah: <huge whine> Whyyyyyyy??

Daddy: because then I won’t know how much water can fit.

Noah: awwwww! But that would be soooo fuuuuun!

Bwa hahahaha I guess that ranks right up there with picking out her dresses
every day and watching her randomly grab toys (which tends to incite gales
of Noah Laughter)

One thought on “Life Without Toys

  1. It’s the simple things, right?

    Go, Noah!

    Oh, and I started to say this another day, then got distracted and never actually sent it–the dress you knitted for Addy is gorgeous!

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