Ups and Downs

It’s been one of those days. It started with no breakfast and a very weak
and hungry, hormonal and sick Nicki. That quickly led to a major meltdown on
my part where all the world’s problems seemed imminently overwhelming and
equally important. Really I am just so sick of being sick. I am sick of
missing out, I am sick of not feeling 100%. I should say that I am feeling a
lot better. My throat and glands are 100%, my right ear is 100% but my left
ear is still totally plugged and intermittently painful but most bothersome
of all, I am just worn out. That stinks because mentally I am really to go,
see some action, be part of it all. But physically I am still weak and not
really ready to tackle long walks through the hot (low air quality) streets
for hours at a time. But tomorrow I am going out right after breakfast,
dammit. Enough is enough.

Tony and the kids (including Addy) took a shuttle to see a pagoda and a
temple and it was not that thrilling. It wasn’t much of an outing but at
least they got out.

The day ended much better than it started when my good friend Holly visited
with her daughter and we hung out and chatted and at cake :-) She is even
more fun in person than she is online which says a lot :-) I can’t wait
until Holly gets her baby and we can let them play!!! Holly’s baby is an
orphanage sister of Addison’s which makes it even more special. Plus Holly
and, by proxy my friend Shanna, are forever my Best Friends for bringing me
good drugs :-) I love you guys!!!!!!!! I know am the proud owner of UNISOM
and other very good stuff!!! :-)

I don’t have any new or cute kid stories for today.

I did get some bad news from our agency today. Many of you have already
heard the rumor going around that the Embassy is shutting down. It is, in
fact, true. They are shutting down between Nov 15-20 to all adoption
appointments. Because we can’t have our last appointment until we get our
passport and our passport wont be ready until Friday *at the earliest*,
chances are slim that we will be able to get in for our visa interview
before the shutdown. That means possibly no pre-Thanksgiving homecoming for
us. We will know more tomorrow but that’s the status at this point.

3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Nicki, that is rotten news about the Embassy. I am so sorry. Praying for a surprisingly fast passport for you. But on the other hand, perhaps this will give you the chance to get out and see Vietnam like you have wanted, as you will SURELY be well by then. Glad you have some good drugs now to kick you into shape!

  2. I was going to say the same thing Jenn did. Maybe the delay will allow you to make up for the time you’ve been feeling rotten. Or maybe you’ll get that appointment before it’s too late!

    Regardless, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Maybe a little more rest will make all the difference in the world. Take care!

  3. Just sitting here feeling sorry for myself and wishing I was in Vietnam with you and Holly. Keep getting rest and feeling better!

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