A very good day

Despite not feeling any better myself, yesterday was a very very good day
here in Addy’s world.

First she got to go swimming for the first time. The look on her face was
priceless. She was so confused about this liquid she could touch but not
grab and hold. She did enjoy it and I look forward to having yummy warm bath
splashing fun together later today.

We had a good bonding moment following a sad event. Addy woke from her nap
and I did not hear her (note to those staying in a suite: bring a baby
monitor!!!!!!). When I found her, she was very very upset. She calmed right
down when I picked her up but then when I went to lay her down to play with
her she got very very upset. She just wanted to be close to me. She was
afraid. It may seem sick and wrong to feel such joy from her fear but I’m
quite sure that she has never felt security until these past few days and
that is joyful beyond words.

Addy and I spent the afternoon alone together while the boys explored Hanoi.
While everyone was gone I took off Addy’s diaper and let her play on her
belly and back naked. I wish I had a video camera because it was hysterical.
This is another thing I am sure, just by her reaction, she has never done
before. She literally just bounced up and down on her back laughing and
smiling and screeching over the feeling of the carpet and, later, her soft
fleecy blanket on her naked butt! Haha. It was hysterical. She played like
this so long that she wore herself out.

And then for the highlight of my day. Addy nursed!!!!! Real nursing with
real sucking and swallowing! Many times for a long time. While I nursed her
she reached up and patted my cheek with her little hand and stared deeply
into my eyes. I probably don’t need to tell you that I sobbed like a newborn
baby! Haha Many of you know that I have been pretty wishy-washy about
adoptive nursing. Although I have a pump and bought all the supplies to
pump, I never once did pump and put almost no effort into researching
adoptive nursing. I knew a bit already because I am a retired La Leche
League leader but that was years ago and I often felt guilty for not reading
more and making more of an effort. I did not want it to stress me or her
out, to define our relationship or to cast a negative light on our
“babymoon”. What I didn’t expect was that it would just happen and that it
would feel so profoundly important to me. It is a beautiful thing.

I’ll have to compose an email later about the boys’ day exploring Hanoi.
They had a great time! I can’t wait to be healthy enough to join them! Noah
woke up today with some congestion and Teegan has tons of bug bites but
otherwise, they had a fantastic time!

9 thoughts on “A very good day

  1. Oh my gosh, I am amazed. I wish I’d tried harder to nurse R… she was 7.5 months so I didn’t give it much effort at all. No chance of doing it with Zeeb! LOL. But I think that is just wonderful you and Addy can have that special bonding time.

  2. OMG, how exciting for you. I really needed to read the success you are having. Congrats on such great bonding, what a sweetie pie. :)

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh I NEVER expected her to nurse so soon! And nurse effectively? I am over the moon for BOTH of you. What an amazing gift to both of you!

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