Decking the halls


First Christmas in the new house was definitely a huge dud. It’s not that we didn’t have enough time to do it right. We just *didn’t do it right*. I am usually exceptionally organized and keep lists and make plans far in advanced to make sure there’s time for all our beloved family traditions. This year I flew by the seat of my pants so it’s no surprise the whole thing came undone.

I consider it a minor miracle that we managed to get the family tree up at all. The kids decorated it entirely themselves – I did not hang a single ornament. They did a great job! It’s a tradition that the youngest gets to “top” the family tree so it was Addy’s turn again (as it will be forever at this point!)

One tradition that did not happen was our yearly ornament shopping. We always buy an ornament that represents the last year – each child takes their time picking it out. Last year almost didn’t happen and this year didn’t happen at all. We tried on Christmas Eve but everything was gone – go figure! We tried online and that was a dead end too. I’m really sad that Dalton won’t have an ornament representing such a big year for him – learning to drive, starting college, last year as a kid. Sniff.

Addy topping the family tree

The kids always look forward to setting up the Nativity. It’s always fun to see what historically accurate scenario they come up ;)


Noah gets to top the “blue tree”. He almost didn’t get to do it due to parents who suck and are way too busy. He asked for days :( But it finally happened.

Noah topping the "blue tree"

Tony used some recipe that came on a Christmas card for cookies this year which is exactly what I get for putting him in charge. These were the saddest excuse for cookies we’ve ever made! I don’t think anyone except Santa ate a single one (and rumor has it that Santa actually fed his to the reindeer ;P). BUT! Addy decorated this pan herself and she did an AMAZING job, right? She is so careful and anal and detail oriented, just like her brother Dalton.

Addy's cookies. She is very anal :P

Dalton made ONE cookie. He believes in quality over quantity :) It’s a Tardis!! :) It did not survive baking. A clumsy cookie-remover-Mommy destroyed it transferring it to the cooling rack. Boo.

tardis cookie a la Dalton

A neighbor got these adorable hats for all the neighborhood kids so they could all be part of the “wolf pack”. Adorable, right? Addy lost hers on Christmas night – I think a neighbor kid must have picked it up and kept it – necessitating a day-after-Christmas mall trip (HELL) to replace it.

2 members of the wolf pack

Since then it has been 70+ degrees outside pretty much daily. Figures. Maybe we’ll get some winter in February?

So what else did we not get done?

  • Family ice skating happened – in 2012! Better late than never. They actually went on literally the last possible day during the last possible session. Yep, that is a great summation of Christmas 2011 in our house! 11th hour!
  • Gingerbread cookies.
  • Candy making
  • Baking
  • half the teacher gifts – bought and never delivered :(
  • Christmas crafting
  • Decorating our bedroom tree – it stood naked until we took it down.
  • I was also going to do a neighborhood cookie decorating day but that obviously did not happen.

Way to spend my last Christmas of Dalton’s childhood, huh? Sigh. At least there were gifts under the tree. Gotta focus on the positive, right?!

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