Not quite done with last year

So I have taken baby steps toward my goal of taking more photos but I’m not actually real proactive about getting them off my camera and onto the blog so I guess I’ll start posting a few as I get them done.

We’ll start with that pesky elf. I’m sure you’ve seen other elfs on the ‘net getting into similar mischief. Hardly unique, our elf. I didn’t get many photos of his escapades but he did get into plenty of trouble.

He? Did I say he? I mean she. Our elf is named Mary.  Here she is with the book she stole from Addy while she slept. She’s posing on a furniture makeover I’m particularly proud of. I need to do a whole blog post about this awesome table.

(untitled) (untitled)

Mary isn’t like those flour-playing elves. She goes straight for the sugar at our house! Addy saw this and said “Daddy! you spilled your sugar and Mary slipped and fell!”. Our Texan girl doesn’t really “get” snow angels, I guess :P




We miss Mary already!

One thought on “Not quite done with last year

  1. Ok these photos sold me on the elf deal.. I must do this next year!! OH I loved your card.. such cute kiddos and amazing pics!!

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