Holiday recital 2011

Addy had a holiday recital right before Christmas. For the holiday recital, each parent had to provide a holiday-themed costume. Usually this would be right up my ally but I had not even come close to unpacking my sewing machine or crafting supplies when this costume was due. So this is as good as it gets. Addy picked the colors. She would have just worn all white if I let her choose. I made her add in some red.

Addy ready for her Holiday Recital

She had a ballet routine and a tap routine. The ballet routine was gorgeous and beautiful and sweet and age appropriate. The tap routine was fast and difficult and still being thrown together during the very last practice! You can imagine how that turned out with five year olds!

Addy ready for her Holiday Recitald

Addy was nervous for the first time ever before her tap routine. This is telling since her tap routine was the second routine they performed! She said she was afraid they would all mess it up, including her. I think she did a REALLY good job but afterward she was disappointed with herself. After showing her the video she felt better. I guess it was worse in her head than it was in reality? I think she is pretty much the only kid in her class who cares about such things.

Addy ready for her Holiday Recital

It’s been a month since the recital and she still practices her routines all the time even though she’ll never perform it again. She is a girl who LOVES routines! She is VERY excited to start spring recital routines but that won’t happen for a few months.

Tap Routine Video:

Ballet Routine:

2 thoughts on “Holiday recital 2011

  1. Oh my goodness I LOVED that ballet routine! so sweet. Oh, I miss the days of my little girl in dance class… The other night Hubby and I were watching the Miss America talent portion and one of them was doing this modern dance/ballet thing that was kind of weird and he goes, “Ha, I’ve seen a better routine – with Elmo!” – referring to K~’s routine back about 12 years ago. She’ll always be our favorite ballerina. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Could she be any sweeter? And girl friend killed it! She did so good in both! Bad bad teacher for changing things so late though!

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