Still alive

I’m still here! I have yet to figure out a functional workflow since our move last fall. My computer is upstairs in the kids playroom. Hardly a mecca of peace and solitude to work. I can make it work when I have to but otherwise I just don’t go near the thing. I rely on my phone for 99% of emailing/web browsing now and I have to say – it’s nice! I always felt like I was missing out on so much being tied down to my computer and now I can nicely fit most of that into the “free time” I have at kids’ activities and red lights ;)

Most of all I miss having solid time to work. It is increasingly difficult to find solid chunks of time to post-process or tidy up loose ends over at the now-defunct photobloghelp biz. Thankfully my other projects and commitments are a bit easier to manage from my phone.

And the upside is that now I make lists of stuff I need to get done on the computer and when I take the time 1 or 2 days a week to do it? I do it! No distractions or stall tactics. On and off.

But I still haven’t figured out a photo processing workflow. especially for our own family photos. But I’m getting to the end of a very lengthy to-do list around the house and maybe when I reach the end this week I’ll be able to focus on making a workable schedule so photo editing and blog posting doesn’t slip through the cracks.

But if you don’t hear from me soon, just know that we have an INSANE next 6 months. LOTS of travel, events, time out of town for the hubs, fall planning for me. Yikes. But it will be an awesome next six months to be sure. And until then I am literally counting down the days until the kids school schedule is done for this school year. Dalton and Teegan finish their college classes May 10 and Dalton graduates from highschool! Addy will be done with TKD for at least the summer starting in June (just in time for Ethan to get here and take her place in the class). Addy has a big dance recital in June and then she gets a two month break from dance which will be GLADLY welcomed by me. And most exciting for me – her last meet is this weekend and shortly thereafter her gym schedule will drop her Saturday practice in place of a weeknight practice. YAY! I am SO happy to get my weekends back.

Summertime and the living is easy….

2 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. I’m sooo glad to “see” you! I really miss following your blog, reading you and seeing the children growing up. As I wrote to you before, we went to Vietnam almost 2 years ago to try to find a sister for our Vietnamese daughter Hâuie (as UK adopters), but so far we have lost 6 possible referrals, and I don’t have much hope of things working out. This means spending many nights too stressed to sleep, which in turn means checking on the blogs I love to follow — which is why I’m so happy to see you haven’t given up on yours!
    Hopefully you’ll find some peaceful time in all the frantic goings-on, or at least you’ll really enjoy the insanity!

  2. So happy to hear from you and that you’re surviving and thriving through the chaos. Best of luck and look forward to hearing about your up-and-coming adventures.

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