My highschool graduate!


Dalton is officially done with highschool! On May 10 he took his last final at the local college. This year in addition to finishing up some highschool work, he took 11 college credits. He took a required Computing course and got an A and then this spring he took College Algebra and Physics. He struggled with the Algebra but managed a high B. I was beyond thrilled about that but he was disappointed. I had hoped that he’d just pass it so a high B is quite an accomplishment. And I think it’s pretty awesome and shows his drive and character that he was not happy with just a B! In Physics, he excelled and actually got 108% on his final (and 100% or greater on many tests). He loved his professor and astounded me with his physics abilities and I grew to love his college nights because he’d come home regurgitating lectures and new and interesting things he learned! It was so fun! Since taking that class he’s talked about perusing a degree Biology and becoming a teacher himself. He would make a fabulous teacher – he’s always eager to help others who need it and he’s great at explaining difficult concepts.

It is painfully bittersweet to see my boy all grown up. I am so proud of the man he’s grown into and he’s a person I’m proud to say I love but I also really really like! I love spending time with him, his joy is contagious and he just has a way about him that makes people happy when they are around him. I wish I could take credit for any of this but he’s truly just always been my guide – teaching me as we made our way through life together.

To celebrate this great accomplishment I plotted and planed with Tony for months and finally, the morning after his last final, I whisked him (and the rest of the family) away for a week in paradise to do the thing he loves most – fish! It was a total surprise and truly such a great 10 days of experiences, memories and special moments for my boy and for all of us.

I took pictures, of course, and will be blogging my memories from each day of the trip. I know travel journals are SUPER boring to read but I really want to get these memories written down before I forget the best parts.

Congratulations, Dalton! The world is your oyster! Have at ‘em!

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