Halloween Week

Halloween always creeps up on me. Ironically I actually got decorations up this year, thinking we’d still be here for Halloween. So now, on top of figuring out a time to carve pumpkins, we’ll also have to take down all the decorations prior to the 29th when we are moving. The kids wondered if we’d put up decorations at the new house and I can definitively say NO! Decorating one house is my limit.

This year I thought I was safe and that most Halloween activities would take place the weekend right before Halloween. I hadn’t considered that Addy would also be dressing up for all her other activities throughout the week prior!

Today was dress-up day at dance so Addy donned her 2011 costume pick and headed on to dance. Tomorrow and Thursday are gymnastics days so she’ll dress up for those too. Fun! But I’m glad it’s only Addy who needs her costume this week because my boys’ costumes are not ready yet!

Addy the WitchAddy the Witch



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