A Sample Schedule

Here is an example of how we might spend our week:

Daily Schedule:

6-10am – wake & eat breakfast (we all wake at different times and eat when we are hungry – this isn’t a family meal)

10am-12:30 – Math, History & Writing (Reading for Noah)

12:30-1:00 – lunch (family)

1:00-2:30 – Addy takes her nap, quiet time. Boys do daily reading and any other work left undone on their own.

2:30 -5:00 FREE!!!! Which means I get to play online, play with the baby, do laundry, finish writing projects if I’m lucky and any other outstanding projects that I need or want to do while the kids play. This is also when we run errands, I grocery shop 2x/week and we do science once a week with friends.

5:00-6:30 – Dinner prep and family meal, kids clean up & do dishes afterward

6:30-8:00 – Family time/Free time

8:00 – bedtime for Addy & Noah, quiet time for the bigger kids

9:00 – All kids in bed, adult time!!!!

I generally get a second wind about this time and play online and watch tv and DVDs with Tony until around 1-2am. 

That sounds all smooth and relaxed but we actually have lives that entail that we leave the house so in reality our schedule is constantly in a state of flux. A weekly schedule, which we have to fit our daily schedule *around*,  might look like this:

Monday:  Addy and Noah have AM gymnastics, Noah has PM soccer practice

Tuesday: Addy has Kindermusik in the AM and the three big kids have co-op in the afternoon

Wednesday: Dalton has PM soccer practice

Thursday: Addy has playgroup in the AM, Group science in the afternoon 

Friday: Dalton has PM soccer practice

Saturday: Teegan has gymnastics, Dalton & Noah have soccer games

All of this to make the point that a successful homeschool is a flexible homeschool. We really believe that living is more important than keeping to a schedule and that we all can learn through living in a much more meaningful way than we can learn by passing up on life to stick our nose in the books. Often times the most enriching experiences happen when you least expect them so if we miss a day here and there or we juggle our schedule to do work at night instead of during the day, so be it!

One thing that I try NEVER to miss, however, is Addy’s nap! :-)