It’s (Not) Back To School Time!

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Is your family actively planning your 2009-2010 school year? Even for those who school all year long, many of us feel that annual fall pull to reorganize, reevaluate and renew our plans around this time of year.

We had such a great school year last year, all things considered. We learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses as a family. Those lessons will undoubtedly help us this coming school year.

A few things we will do differently this year:

  • the children will work on keeping their own weekly agendas with a focus on time management.
  • We will look, yet again, for a really good way to learn literary analysis. This is not our strong suite.
  • We will schedule in reading goals so we make decent headway on some of the Great Books.
  • We will make regular, consistent trips to the library.
  • We will make a greater effort to be involved with our local homeschooling community.
  • We will try a new foreign language program. Learning a foreign language at home is HARD!

Do you start your year with goals? It’s a fun exercise to sit down with your kids and each write up some goals for what you each hope to learn (or what you hope to teach!) during the coming year. At the end of the year, your family can reflect and see where you’ve ended up. We’ll start homeschooling next week with this simple exercise and I’ll post our goals then.

As I look back on previous years and look forward to this coming school year, I’ll be posting some fun and (hopefully) helpful reviews. We have used a lot of duds – I want to share those. And we have had the joy of using some life-changing resources – I’ll share those too.

Happy (not) Back to School, everyone!

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I look forward to reading your reviews!! Happy not back to school to your family too. :)