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If you’re like me, homeschooling means piles upon piles of “stuff” – books, supplies, worksheets, notebook paper, etc. This year, though, I’m making it a goal to green up our homeschool classroom. No more unnecessary waste.

Our green goals for this year include:

  • Creating an agenda for all the kids in Microsoft Outlook. This will save tons of  paper and printed planners.
  • Recycle paper. Instead of throwing away scrap paper, if one side is blank it will go into a recycle box to be used again.
  • Library, library, library! If the library isn’t possible, look for a Kindle version or electronic version. Paper books – while lovely (and not something I’m willing to forgo entirely) are such a waste. I’m going to try to limit our paper book purchases to children’s picture books, reference books with beautiful illustrations and gifted books.
  • Incorporating nature into our early childhood curriculum. I have been terrible about this since we moved to Texas. The growing season(s) here are so different than the midwest. The soil is so different. Everything is different. So this year I’ll make the real effort to figure this stuff out so we can have a small winter garden. Even if it’s only a container garden. I am also eager to start a worm composting farm with the littles.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – and share! I’m making a real effort to share what I have with other homeschooling families. I have SO MUCH curriculum. I am going to go through it all and sell or give away what I know I will never use. If I can stay ahead of the curve with my planning, I can reuse for science projects and art projects much more efficiently. And anything we DO print out that we won’t keep will be going straight into the recycling bin.

So I think that should get us off to a decent start as we look forward to a greener 2010-2011 school year!

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