Story S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-R-S for the Primary Grades

Category : Complete Curriculum, Literature

Review In A Nutshell:

Author: Shirley C. Raines and Robert J. Canady

Overall Rating (1-10): 9

Value (1-10): 10

Flexibility (1-10):9

Ages/Grades: 1-3

Sonlight Curriculum

Category : Complete Curriculum

Review In A Nutshell: Title: Sonlight Curriculum
Author: Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.

Price: around $325 – $800 plus extras, depending on level and package

Overall Rating (1-10): 6

Value (1-10): 4

Flexibility (1-10): 6

Ages/Grades: PreK-10


Category : Complete Curriculum

I’m totally blogging on my phone people!

ok so we are supposed to start school on Monday right? that means Teegan eventually was successfully added as a k12 student. it all took so long though that there was no way they could get the curriculum to everyone in time for the first day. last night we got a “contingency plan” email instructing us on how to teach without any material because just waiting to start until the material comes is not an option. hmmm ok whatever.

except for in Teegan’s grade there are almost no lessons that can be taught without the curriculum. yet we still need to log 6 hours of “learning ” a day. the advice is to have the kids read a LOT!!! and write a lot and then just practice typing to make up the difference. and then do double everything else to catch up when the materials come. yeah that sounds like a way to start off the school year right!!

we are just going to try to make the best of it. dalton doesn’t have his math or science yet either so he can’t do much next week. I guess we’ll just use next week as a slow intro into our new schedules. at least Noah should have plenty to do!!

oh and on a positive note I just need to brag on my boy a bit. Teegan has a fall birthday which by most states,
including texas ,makes him a 5th grader. Michigan uses dec 1 as their cutoff so Teegan has always been a grade ahead of his other-state peers. I was prepared for a fight on grade placement and they did challenge me on it but agreed with the placement in the end. and as it turns out Teegan tested perfectly into grade level in language arts despite being unschooled in that area. in math he tested into 7th grade math!! ever more amazing is that they were clear to explain that this cirruculum is 1-2 grade levels ahead of public and some private schools already! go teegy!!