Window Model

Over the weekend Addy answered a model call at our local Baby Gap for window models. This is like a dream come true for her. Since she can remember we have shopped at this same store and every single time she has asked if she could stand in the window and model. Of course we said that isn’t allowed but this opportunity was too good to pass up.


She got to pick out any outfit in the entire store which was tough for her. It would have been easier if they had outfits picked out. She was prepared for that. But choosing on her own? HARD! She doesn’t like most of the new lines so she had to stretch a little out of her comfort zone. She eventually picked out a cute tshirt and some matching skinny jeans, some slip one silver shoes, a headband and a little bag to match.

After changing she had her hair, nails and make-up done which was exciting for her. She’s all girly-girl and LOVES to be pampered and primped.The make-up team told her she was the best model they had had all day. :)


But she was all business when it was time to stand in the window. She was so serious and so adorable. She took her job very seriously! I think she was surprised by how hard and tiring it was but she didn’t stop smiling or posing the entire time. Lots of people saw her and we overheard them comment on how she was a natural. She had been preparing for YEARS for this opportunity, after all! ;)


So if a six year old had a bucket list she would definitely have had this on it and now would be able to cross this off. SO MUCH FUN!


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