The Addy Nitty Gritty

A few people have asked me to share the details about Addison’s schedule so
here goes:

She eats 8 oz bottles of whatever we feed her at whatever temp it is
(usually room temp or cold – never warm) with slow flow nipples. She makes a
HUGE mess with the fast flows, can’t keep up. So no fast flows. She takes 4
bottles during the day and 1 4 oz bottle sometime in the night just to top
her off. Not sure this will be necessary when she feels better or not. I
have tried to nurse her a few times and originally she was totally put off
but now she is more interested although still does not suck at all. I’m not
sure how you measure success in this area and am not stressing about it
until we get home. I wish I had brought a breast pump so I could have given
her pumped milk instead. Oh well.

I was told that she has been given some powder of unknown origin mixed with
water – I assume this is rice cereal. We did not bring anything like that
but I have offered her some rice and she seems to know she is supposed to
open her mouth but just pushes it all out with her tongue :-P

She is long and skinny. When she wakes up I’ll edit this with her length
since I do have a tape measure, but no scale. She is wearing 3-6 month
clothing and they fall right off her butt. It is hard to tell on the length
since she has only worn dresses. She looks like she is already filling out
to me but I might be insane. Or both. She wears a size 2 or 3 diaper. The 3s
are too big but workable. We didn’t bring any 2′s.

She naps a LOT. She basically wakes up, eats, plays until she is tired
(about 1-2 hours) and naps for another 1-2 hours. I am sure she is totally
over stimulated at the moment so it doesn’t take much for her to get
exhausted. Yesterday we were gone a lot and she was very quiet and subdued
and I thought she was feeling pretty yucky but I think really she is just
overwhelmed. As soon as we got back in our hotel room, we put her on the bed
and she came to life – rolling around, singing, babbling, making silly
faces, laughing.

We plan to name her Addison although I call her both Addy and Mai at the
moment. Everyone here calls her Mai-a. I would love it if someone who knows
would explain to me about the extra vowel tones at the end of names. Is
there a rhyme or reason to it or is it just like a nickname (like Nicki)? Is
it only for children or for anyone familiar? The reason I ask is because my
ex, who is Vietnamese, also had an extra vowel tone added to the end of his
name by his parents when they say his name (Thanh).

This isn’t about Addy but about Teegan. We were out for ice cream yesterday
with our agency and Teegan was sitting in his chair how he always does (on
his feet) and a lady from our agency laughed that he sits like the
Vietnamese. This is something I have long noticed as being distinctly
Vietnamese about him and it confounds me where he would get this except that
it MUST be genetic. I know his father does not sit this way but his
grandparents and some aunts and uncles do. He is not around them enough to
really pick it up through example. It is totally hilarious though and it was
interesting to me that someone else noticed it.

Hrm – I think that’s it. Did I answer all those questions?

7 thoughts on “The Addy Nitty Gritty

  1. Thanks Nicki,
    I feel like I am safe then packing 0-3 for my gals as they are a month or two behind your princess. Phew! That takes away one worry, now if we could just get a travel date.
    Glad things are going well and thank you so much for the updates!

  2. It’s fun hearing Addison’s schedule! That’s a riot about Teegan sitting on his feet Vietnamese style! Mandy sits like that a lot too – of course I’m a floor sitter also and tend to sit on chairs with my feet tucked under me too so maybe she’s picked it up from me instead of it being a genetic thing. Interesting though…! Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. I so love hearing the subtle details! Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us as you go through this. I love genetic memory. Remind me some day to give you the run down on my theories. ;-)

  4. That’s so cute about Teegan. My kids all sit Vietnamese style…..especially my oldest. When he’s at the sink in the kitchen washing his hands or dishes….he’ll perch up on the edge of the sink on his feet….balancing on that thin edge, just washing away. I just LOVE it! It just comes naturally to him to sit this way, so it must be genetic. :)

  5. I know in Korea they say an “a” at the end of the children’s names as a sign of endearment. Wonder if this is the same.
    Totally neat about Teegan!

  6. Aww sweet Addy schedule :) She sounds so fun!
    LOL @ Teegan :) It is soooo cool to see genetics come to life. I miss him (and D, and N, and now I miss A) :-) I think of Dalton all the time and that one day when he refused to tell on Mason out of fear that Mason might get in trouble. That kid has a HUGE heart…as do all your kids. You are the best mama!!!

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