Sick of me yet?

So we should have checked out by now but it is 12:40 and here we sit. Why? Because our super-efficient and always-on-the-job agency already picked up Addison’s visa earlier today so we don’t have to leave an hour early to do that task! Incidentally, they also took our tickets to the EVA office this morning first thing to get our last leg confirmed with the little flight change stickers so that, too, was done for us. What is a girl to do when someone is doing everything for you? Why, blog of course!

We also ordered lunch, since we are here right now and the rest of the day will be too crazy to eat until we board our plane for dinner. We decided to try the extremely odd but very convenient Ukrainian-Vietnamese diner right off The Compound. I am having cherry perogi and the boys are having Chicken Kiev. It isn’t here yet but I anxiously await the meal out of complete curiosity! haha. They even sell something called “homemade fish” which leaves a bit to the imagination.

Dalton is watching baby Einstein, you know the natives are getting restless. Noah announced that someone (I have a few guesses) is getting on his last nerve. Apparently, he has three. So we don’t do “standby” so well.

What else have I got to ramble on about to pass the painfully slowly ticking time? Ok, I won’t torture you any further. I guess I can go recheck the bags for the 30th time. Au revoir!

5 thoughts on “Sick of me yet?

  1. LOL! Won’t be long now….
    OMG that Noah is so funny!!!
    Lunch sounds yummy :) Did you ever eat puppy dog???

    Have a safe trip and I could NEVER (man I wish I could bold and underline 10 times) get sick of you!!!

  2. I hope your trip is easy. I do want to know, however, how you have been able to keep up with blogs while away. You are a crazy good blogger!!!

  3. Wow…thanks for keeping us in the loop! I would love to meet Noah..what a character. Have a safe rest of the trip home. I know you can’t wait to sleep in your own bed.

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