Referral Photos

I never posted a full referral photo to this blog – just bits and pieces of her sweet tiny body, usually in black and white. Now that she is legally my daughter, I thought I’d add her 3 sets of photos to my Flickr account. We got the original photos at beg. July 2006 and then another set in August and the last set in September. I really love these photos as it is a glimpse into her life before we met her. Today when I uploaded them was the first time I really looked at them since we met her 11 days ago and it is so bizarre to see those photos that we clung to and posted all over our house and carried with us everywhere. It is really surreal!

2 thoughts on “Referral Photos

  1. Questions:
    1. What have you told your boys about the adoption – did you tell them she was “abandened”?
    2. Where did you get that cute asain hat for her?
    3. Will you have the tags on her ears removed? – I barely notice them, I didn’t actually until you pointed them out.

    As I said before, I have three boys and am going to adopt a girl. I love your blog – it inspires me.

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