Politics: Half a world away

If you are politically interested, as I am, this is QUITE the way to experience mid-term elections. I am literally glued to the tv, which is possible thanks to the time-difference. My kids get to do their government homeschool lesson life during the daytime. While you all are asleep, I’m watchig results roll in in real-time on CNN.

Both Tony and I did our part to shape elections by voting absentee. This was an important election and no trip to Asia was going to stop me from exercising my right to vote!

Although I love it here, today I feel patriotic for the first time in 6 years. I feel like the tide has turned and people are thinking and acting and voicing their opinion and BEING HEARD! I haven’t heard stats yet about voter turn-out. I hope it was as high as it seems. I do know that blogs were a-buzz with “go vote” messages yesterday and that makes me happy. I have felt mostly discouraged over the last six years but today is a new day in American government. Today the people – all the people – have spoken and their message is clear. We are still a part of this process, we have a voice and we will use it.

I’m happy to report that all of my candidates won or retained their offices. Often, the candidates all stink but this term felt different. Our senate candidate and governor were both people I really supported, people I have met and feel proud to have represent my state. They have worked hard and have gotten a bad rap thanks to a really horrible economy, despite all they’ve done for our state. Their opponents were HORRIBLE. And I don’t say this becuase they were of a different political party than myself because I am not a registered ANYTHINg – I vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. But these slimeballs were so so bad for our state. They had agendas that I am deeply personally and politically opposed to and the thought of either of them winning a place in government in my state was enough to make me head for the hills, pronto. I am deeply satisfied with how things turned out. It gives me hope for my sad state’s economic and political future.

Sadly only half of my chosen proposals went the way I hoped and voted. I don’t know how local elections look as votes havent’ been reported yet.

4 thoughts on “Politics: Half a world away

  1. Amen to that! being that I am TX, I knew my vote wouldn’t matter LOLOL. I was right, it went the other way. But everything else is going the way I wanted. ‘Bout damn time! YAY! I feel great too :-)

  2. I’m so happy that you voted. I’m embarrassed to say that I did not vote. I felt too “damned if I do, and damned if I don’t” no matter what candidate we had to choose from. If I could cut them in half and sew half of one man together with the half of the other man, we’d have a person worth voting for. I don’t believe in voting “half-hearted” or “uninformed”.
    BTW, I check your’s and Christina’s blogs every morning and tell Matt all about your adventures. So I’m here even if I’m not too vocal.

  3. well, we did protect the doves. but we did not protect minorities: proposal 2 passed. and proposal 5 was defeated. but hey, granholm held the day- I was seriously thinking about moving if the other candidate won.
    now if the Tigers could just win a world series, eh?

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