Photo of the day: Day 4

Day 4, originally uploaded by sixmonkeyjungle.

So today’s outfit is courtesy of Old Navy, size 0-3 months. She really is that tiny!!

The story behind this outfit is that I saw it an fell in love with it early in the summer. I didn’t buy it right away and then went online to order it and they didn’t carry it online. By the time I made my way to our local store, they were sold out. I became obsessed and drove to about 5 other stores before I finally found this outfit but they only had it in a 0-3 months and I figure I would need a 6-9 months. I stubbornly bought it anyway. I stubbornly packed it anyway because I love it so much even though most of the stuff we brought was 6-9 months. And today she stubbornly wore it with room to grow in! YAY!!!

7 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Day 4

  1. Nicki, She is so beautiful and the Old Navy outfit is so cute! She is tiny. How are you feeling? I hope that you are starting to feel better. The Video of Hanoi is scary! I hope you don’t have to cross the street much!

  2. ROTFL! I tried to buy that out fit in 3T and they didn’t carry it :(
    She is precious! She would be precious in anything! Dang look at that sweet mouth! LOVE IT!

  3. What an accomodating baby–making sure she fits in the outfit you went to such lengths to find! (-:

    And is that a high dimple on her cheek? Squeeeeeee!

  4. Too cute – both Addy and the outfit!!! The video of Hanoi brings back a lot of memories, except when I was there all those motorcycles were bikes instead – it must be evey scarier with motorcycles! I remember one time I took a cyclo to go 2 blocks because I was afraid to cross the street by myself!

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