Epic Road Trip: Day 1

Today we left for our long-anticipated epic road trip of Summer 2012. Somehow without doing a ton of preplanning or preparation we managed to get everything packed up and in the car and took off by 7am.

This was a boring day of driving across Texas. The furthest west we have ever been is Waco so things got a lot more exciting when the kids started seeing big cactus mounds, dirt devils and plateaus.

But we were REALLY excited about the windmills! In Houston we’ve watched single blades travel by semi truck down the highway many times but we’ve never seen them all set up and the sheer number of windmills was just awesome. I think they are so beautiful! We even pulled over to take photos.

DSC_5403 DSC_5406

We arrived at Lubbock in late afternoon after a wholly uneventful and easy drive. The kids are great little road trippers! Lubbock is HOT. It was over 100 and close to 110 after the head index. Yuck. I think the hills and plateaus are getting the kids super excited for mountains and the heat is making us all excited for ANY state with cooler climates.

With a bit of time to kill before dinner we headed to see some prairie dogs. We’ve seen them “in the wild” before in Denver but very sporadically and not like this. It was fun – they are so adorable. We fed them crackers and took photos for as long as we could tolerate the heat. It was a super fun way to spend that little bit of time before dinner.

DSC_5415 DSC_5420


One thought on “Epic Road Trip: Day 1

  1. I love these pics! Hope you post a whole bunch more when you get home from your trip. Have to say I’m super jealous – our family LOVES road trips!

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