Day 3: Mother’s Day


(untitled){the back yard and trail to the ocean from the back deck of the beach house.}

So we woke up after our late night arrival to hungry bellies and weary eyes. The big kids had already been down to the ocean to fish, they had already spotted shark and rays. Not exactly what I wanted to hear – I have something close to a shark phobia!

I have to say, though, that I felt pretty forgotten. No “Happy mother’s Day” wishes or plans or tokens of appreciation for me this year! Since I had planned for every contingency myself, I figured that one holiday was something my sweet husband would have planned for. And I tried to convince myself that we were in paradise and nothing else mattered and I was being selfish but, darn it, isn’t Mother’s Day the one day a Mom should feel selfish?

I insisted we go out for breakfast because we had no food in the house. Without a plan, everywhere decent was packed. We ended up at what must have been the worst diner on the islands! The food was inedible, so gross.But we found a little store on Sanibel and stocked up on staples so we could at least eat hot dogs and cereal going forward.

We stopped at the bait shop for bait for Dalton and he spent some time fishing. And then we just hung on the beach. I sprayed us all down with sunscreen but apparently not enough because I was completely burnt. Except my face. Because my face has like 220 SPF worth of sunscreen! Ha! But I did forget to sunscreen my lips – a mistake I made last time we went to Florida and that I paid for for WEEKS afterwards! Since I apparently didn’t learn my lesson last time, I was doomed to repeat it. Ouch. Otherwise we had a pretty good time hanging in the water.



{Trying to learn to throw the casting net. Harder than it looks!}

The beaches here are quite different: covered in shells and pieces of shells. Its hard to find sand! But that’s what makes it such a great place to go shelling and searching for sealife! It makes for messy clean-up though and we all quickly learned why there were five outdoor showers on the property as well as the two bidets!


{something you’ll notice all week: the complete lack of PEOPLE! That is called HEAVEN to me!}

On the way up to the house, Addy strayed and ended up on top of a mound of sand where she startled a crab. This was her first run-in with a crab and I can assure you that it started her WAY more!

(untitled)(untitled) (untitled)(untitled){Another theme this week: Teegan is always trying to cut stuff open with knives. Here: a coconut that dropped from the coconut palms on the property}


{lounging in the living room. This place is massive!}

Later we toured the “Ding” Darling nature preserve. It was really beautiful and lots of good nature to see. We went at close to dusk and that was our first introduction to “no see ‘ems”. We were eaten alive! It was totally awful. But I did have fun taking photos so the day wasn’t a total bust.


(untitled) (untitled) (untitled) (untitled) (untitled)

This was definitely the worst day of the trip. :( But I guess every trip has a worst day, right? On the upside, Dalton and Teegan’s Dad did text me to say Happy Mother’s Day and my boys later apologized for the crappy day.




3 thoughts on “Day 3: Mother’s Day

  1. My guys totally ignored Mother’s Day too. We had A TALK. I was not happy — I don’t care about any other holiday in the least, but that one I want … a card, at least. What a gorgeous vacation spot.

  2. My mother’s day was something of a bust too. And I agree, your hubby definitely should have made plans, after all the work you did for the whole vacation. Men in general just aren’t very good at those things. (Then again, neither am I. I am horrible at birthdays and for father’s day this year we did almost nothing, other than “let” hubby go to Best Buy to pick out a new TV. So I really have no place to cast aspersions on anyone here!)

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