Day 2: Destination Truth

Today we were slow and lazy to start, knowing we had a full day of driving ahead. We stayed at Embassy Suites specifically so we could have a great breakfast and save some time and money. The breakfast was not what I would call great. It was nice to have options but I guess my taste has changed over the years and what seemed high-class a decade ago now seems kinda icky. Still, we all got protein and hot food and it was healthier than McDonalds.

We drove and drove and drove. It was only a few hours into the trip that the boys tracked our driving and figured out we were going to be staying in Florida. But they wouldn’t be able to guess where we’d be staying. Teegan guessed the Everglades and that was the closest they came.

Before we got to Sanibel Island we stopped off at Bob Evans for dinner. This is probably so gross to many people but we used to dine there for breakfasts often when we lived in Michigan and we don’t have Bob Evans in Houston so it was something we really got excited about! It was a first for Addy!

We crossed the big bridge onto the island at dark so it made the long slow drive across the island pretty interesting. Sorta spooky! You can’t see much at night so the boys had really no reference to just how thin the island was and how close we were to both the bay and the ocean.

We stayed at a beach house called The Tenderly which is right across the pass that connects Sanibal with Captiva island. It turned out to be an ideal location convenient to both island “downtown” areas. Having picked a house off VRBO blindly (and I believe without reviews) I was a little nervous to find out what we had gotten ourselves into. I had built up a really high expectation based on what I really wanted out of this vacation and knew it probably couldn’t match that expectation. The boys still thought we were staying at a hotel on the island so I figured no matter what it would beat their expectations!

We turned into this private circle drive surrounded by coconut palms and HUGE exotic foliage and were faced with a GIGANTIC house. Massive. My jaw hit the floor and the boys couldn’t believe their eyes. We ran in and started exploring and it just got better and better. The house was phenomenal. Gigantic – 4800 square feet. There were linaes and balconies outside the bedrooms overlooking the ocean but we couldn’t see it because it was so dark. The boys took off toward the sound of waves and we just tagged along behind. It was seriously like the best Christmas ever to see their excitement when they saw that we were just steps from the most private ocean front beach ever. And crabs! Crabs everywhere!

They were so excited that they didn’t think they could sleep. It was like when they were little on Christmas Eve. I miss those days and it was so special to be able to relive that feeling one more time despite Dalton’s almost-adulthood. The energy and excitement was literally palpable. I tried to usher everyone off to bed anyway knowing that we’d all surely wake up pretty early the next morning out of excitement. It was GREAT sleeping in that awesome huge house with the wildlife right outside all the windows and doors and the sounds of the ocean spilling in.

Since we were in the car all day, still no photos. :( Tomorrow the camera comes out of hiding!

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  1. Wow! I know I’m super late to this party (haven’t checked google reader in weeks)… but wow. If we still lived on the east coast I’d totally be asking for the name of that house!

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