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Funny how I keep taking these trips with the intention of blogging them and get one or two posts in and quit. Blah. So much for family memories. I can’t believe the last time I updated this blog was in August.

Now I have a first grader, a fifth grader, a tenth grader and a college student! Yikes!

Dalton is managing his first year of college just fine. He got his first job for a company that was totally flaky and so now he’s looking for his second job. Bummer but good life experience. Hopefully the next job will be a better fit. Once he’s working consistently he’ll inherit our old car and I guess we’ll be in the market for a new one! I’m a little excited about that! Big news in Dalton’s life is that he’ll be volunteering as a Guardian at RTX this summer. This is a big internet gaming type show in Austin. The boys went last summer and had a total blast. Volunteering will be a much different and maybe even better experience!

Teegan is completing his second year at the local community college where he earns highschool and college credit. He made the honor list at both of the college campuses he enrolled in classes through. He was invited to an english honors society in the fall as well. He is learning to drive (he’ll get his license in October) and eager to find a job as soon as possible. He plays tennis in his spare time and loves to dabble in coding and graphic design.

Noah is also interested in learning to play tennis. He’s doing great with his curriculum this year and has become a really independent learner. He’s developed a real humanitarian’s heart. I can’t wait to see what becomes of his passion! His biggest news this year is that he talked us into buying him a bunny. This bunny needed a friend so now we have two bunnies. So far he’s done an excellent job in caring for them and cleaning up after them.

Addy is having a fun school year. She’s become a book worm in the last few months, reading entire Magic Treehouse books each night at bedtime. We can’t keep enough books in the house! She’s joined her gym’s USAG gymnastics team and was invited to be on her dance studio’s company lyrical team. She loves to preform, that girl! She absolutely loves dance and hopes to be on the tap team when she’s older. Every month that goes by she’s becoming a little more interested in dance and less so in gym. But we’ll see what happens this summer when she starts training for her first big meets. Her very favorite thing to do, though, is Girl Scouts. In all my spare time I offered to be her troop’s leader. It’s been a fun year and great knowing that it’s her favorite thing to do! This year Addy also had her first sleepover! So much fun!

Noah and Addy have birthdays coming up in March and April. Instead of a party, we are taking them both to Sea World. We can’t wait! Addy will be 7 – how did she get so big?! Noah will be 11 – definitely a pre-teen now! Sigh.

Tony and I launched a new business in January offering technology analyst services. This is really just a slight extension of what he’s always done but it will allow him to expand in ways that better suit him and better serve his customer base. It’s always nerve wracking (at least for one of us) starting a new venture but he seems pretty confident and I try to do what I can to help where and when he asks.

I’m continuing to shoot births and should have a pretty busy year ahead. I’m in the processing of throwing together a little something that should help me manage this area of my life better while also expanding my business. More on that soon, I hope! I’m also in the throws of a particularly exciting time at our non-profit, Red Thread Sessions. This year we should see some good growth and major structural and technological changes within the organization and I can not wait!  So I’m helping Tony launch his business, working on my own business, working on expanding my non-profit, leading Addy’s girl scouts troop, homeschooling the kiddos and taking Addy to her 7+ hours of practices each week. No wonder I feel so busy! Sometimes it’s better not to write it all down like that. On top of that I’ve recently become more dedicated to my own health. I have a lofty weight loss goal but I intend to see it through. I’ve lost about 20% of my original goal so far and even though you can’t even really SEE any changes yet, I am pretty proud of that. I hope to reach my first goal by the end of 2013.

So that should pretty much bring me up to date!

3 thoughts on “An update

  1. I’m SO glad you’re back!! I’ve missed following your adventures and seeing the children grow up. I’ve been reading you since Addie was about 1.5. My Vietnamese daughter Hâuie (now 11.5…) used to love the photo of Addie dressed as a ladybug! I wrote to you when we were struggling to adopt a little sister frm VN ( from England). Well, 2 years since we came back from living there and 6 failed referrals later, still nothing…So blogs like yours are my staying-up-at-night-with-stress comfort!
    All the best,

  2. Hey! You blogged! And it took me 11 days to notice! **shame**
    WOWSERS are you BUSY! But it sounds like mostly good-busy, which is just awesome! Your kids are all amazing, every single one of them. I’m thinking at least some of the credit for that goes to you. :)
    Keep blogging!! I missed you (um, on your blog. I read FB too, but y’know, blogs are just better!)

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